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10 Good reasons why boat rental companies should offer Electricats to their customers!

Our electric catamarans are a valuable addition to your fleet. They offer numerous advantages for you, your clients, and your company. With their eco-friendly design, they provide a sustainable and efficient way to explore the waterways. Additionally, their spacious and comfortable layout ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for your clients. In the following we will explain why we think that our ELECTRICATS are the best edition to your existing fleet!

1. People will love them

The reactions are always the same: people stop, marvel, tap the material and ask curiously:


Is this new? I've never seen it before. It must be great fun for the whole family. I would really like to try it out! 

Really cool. Can I take a picture?

So WHY ? Your customers will love the ELECTRICAT !
3. So spacious and versatile

Look how much space there is on the small boat. And you can even climb onto the roof and jump into the water.


Whether just cruising around and experiencing nature, or swimming and sunbathing or having a relaxed picnic with family and friends - the ELECTRICAT impress with space and versatility.

So WHY ? The ELECTRICAT perfectly matches so many peoples desires !
5. For small an shallow waters

Quiet and compact inland water areas are the ideal operating grounds for all those people renting a leisure boat for the first time. 

Is there a boat rental nearby our home-place, where we can hire an ELECTRICAT? On our little lake with the nice sandy beach ? 

Or do we have to travel far? 

We often hear this question, understanding: people are keen on enjoying time on an ELECTRICAT ! Why not: with it’s low weight and low draught, ELECTRICAT is ideal for all small and shallow water areas. 

So WHY ? Discover and develop new water sports areas !
7. Easy handling for operators

As a rental operator, you may ask yourself: 

How easy is the handling and operation of the rental boat in our daily business ? Are their special demands or infrastructure requirements ?

The ELECTRICAT comes with no infrastructure or maintenance demands. With its low weight inflatable structure, it can simply be pulled out of the water onto land. Ideally, you only have a fresh water supply for cleaning, and electricity for loading the batteries.

So WHY ? It is the easiest boat you ever handled and maintained !
9. Lowest operating costs

How much does it cost me to own and operate an ELECTRICAT per season? Do I need budget for spare parts, maintenance and repairs? Do I need to buy any tools or special equipment ? Special Training for my stuff ?

ELECTRICAT frees you from all these costs. With its maintenance-free electric motor and the durable and robust Dropstitch PVC material, maintenance costs are reduced to almost zero. 

For off-season storage, the boats are emptied and easily stored in a dry storage room.

So WHY ? Benefit from significant cost savings over the rental season !
2. It's simple and intuitive

When we invite people to try it out, they always ask: 


Can I handle it? Or is it complicated? Can I do something wrong? 

We always laugh and say: If we can do it, you can do it too. Without a driver's license, just after a short briefing.

So WHY ? Everyone is curious and willing to try it out !
4. Enjoy the electric silence

When we invite people for a ride, we always get the same astonished reaction:

Wow, that's super quiet. And it's so easy and direct to drive. That’s pure fun!

With it’s silent electric motor and optional solar panel, ELECTRICAT can be operated on water areas with highest environmental restrictions.


So WHY ? Operate your ELECTRICAT’s where no other boat can go ! 
6. No risk of causing damages

Especially beginners often ask this question: 

What happens if I hit something with the boat? Will I damage something? And when mooring at the jetty, how careful do I have to be? 

This is where the ELECTRICAT advantage comes into play: with its Dropstitch-PVC hull, ELECTRICAT is soft and gives way in the event of a collision. This makes it almost impossible to damage other things by a collision. Even swimmers don’t need to fear an ELECTRICAT.

So WHY ? It is safe, manageable and low-risk !
8. Just-in-case: fast & easy repair

Shit happens, and that is true for every rental boat ! A technical defect or damage occurs, so you as the rental operator need to solve the problem immediately. 

What can happen to an ELECTRICAT ? What do I have to prepare for ?

With its very low technical complexity the ELECTRICAT is very little prone to defects. Of course, the inflated robust Dropstitch structure

could be damaged, but this never causes a risk of sinking. The repair of the hull can be done by the operator himself in short time and without any special tools.

So WHY ? No unexpected cost or show-stopper during you season !
10. Boost your business plan

Looking back at the above 9 Good Reasons why a boat rental company should include the ELECTRICAT in its offer, there is one final reason and a final motivation: 

ELECTRICAT boosts your business plan and makes your rental company much more attractive, successful and profitable. Use the ELECTRICAT’s to gain a unique and leading market position and offering. 

So WHY ? Your customers and business will love you for your decision !

Download our Presentation to discover your opportunities!

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