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Inflatable Catamarans

About Us.

Catairan was founded in 2023 and has set itself the goal of giving everyone the experience of a boat without the usual running costs and associated obligations and in a completely eco-friendly way.

The answer we came to were inflatable drop stitch structures, which can be put in any shape and are more stable than conventional inflatables. After some research we came across the producer Hoverctaft d. o. o. who started to produce boats and catamarans using drop stitch technology. 

Hovercraft d.o.o. is an innovative design, manufacturing and services company. Dropstitch-Technology, masterfully hand-crafted with attention to any detail, lead to impressive products that are characterized by highest quality and durability. Those products are based on innovative Double Wall Fabric (DWF) Dropstitch-Technology. Double Wall Fabric consists of two fabric layers separated by a woven-in system of threads (50-400mm). The thread-linking system produces an extremely strong connection between the layers.

We offer a whole new standard among inflatable boats. Designed on innovative Dropstitch-Technology, ELECTRICAT is the fastest, lightest and best value-for-money inflatable solar-electric catamaran in the world! 

Hoovercraft d.o.o.

About Hovercraft. 

Hovercraft is an international innovative manufacturing and service company mainly specializing in the production of inflatable products. The unique approach we offer incorporates customers and innovative ideas into the design-build process. This concept ensures that products are optimized for their intended use.


About Slovenia. 

Slovenia has become the powerhouse for innovation and technology in central-eastern European countries. That achievement was powered by the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with a knowledge and experience driven innovation mindset. 



Germany based ePropulsion GmbH is an innovative leader in the development and production of safe and reliable electric boat drives for the demanding leisure sector. The outboard motors are powerful and durable, emission-/maintenance-free and silent. 

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