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Dropstitch is one of the most innovative and disruptive technologies of the last decade, enabling a whole new category of inflatable high-tech products. The well-known Stand- Up-Paddle Boards (SUP) are the most prominent and appreciated products based on Dropstitch-Technology.

All our CATAIRAN products are based on innovative Double Wall Fabric (DWF) Dropstitch-Technology.

Drop stitch technology


The Double Wall Fabric consists of two fabric layers separated by a woven-in system of threads. This thread-linking system produces an extremely strong connection between the layers, which leads to boat-elements elements that are extraordinary stiff, form- stable, robust and durable.

All CATAIRAN Boats benefit from Dropstitch-Technology:

  •  they are rigid and sturdy

  •  they are lightweight and easy to inflate/deflate

  •  they offer UV-stability and air-tightness

  •  they are heat- and cold-resistant

Iflatable Catamaran Electricat 450 Spacey
ePropulsion Navy Evo 6

Electric Drive - simple, quiet and emission-free

Our ELECTRICAT inflatable catamarans are equipped with EPROPULSION electric outboard motors for simple, quiet, reliable and cost-effective operation.


Germany based ePropulsion GmbH is an innovative leader in the development and production of safe and reliable electric boat drives for the demanding leisure sector. The outboard motors are powerful and durable, emission-/maintenance-free and silent.

epropulsion Spirit one plus
ePropulsion solar Panel

Charging by Sun

When equipped with a solar-roof, battery charging by sun is possible even when the engine is running. Ideally, this allows cruising electric all day without external charging.

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